Cost reduction

We combine below strategies to cut our customers cost:

·Efficiency: We do more with less, we achieve this goal through technology. We replace expensive resources (such as manual work) for cheaper resources (computers).

·Effectiveness: Incorporating technology to business process our clients are able to achieve their goals.

·Processes optimization: Increase efficiency and/or effectiveness of business processes sticking to current constraints, such as budget, regulations, etc.

Robot Process Automation (RPA)

Following our proven methodology we identify the pains of our customers and propose actions.
We design, develop and deploy microservices which serves a business proposal.
To do so we use docker containers, and centralize the logs in order to make it easier to once in production, monitor its execution.

Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS)

For those customers using cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud we can manage their infrastructure.

We use cloudformation to define AWS architecture and follow software development best practices, such as peer review and automated testing to ensure a high level of quality.


Our customers manage their own e-mail accounts from a web interface.

They can check their e-mails from a webmail or connecting their preferred e-mail client to our servers.

Software development

When there's no product that satisfies our customer needs we develop software.

We do our best to follow agile methodologies, but our experience tell us that sometimes is hard to establish an agile contract with our customers, and they tend to prefer the more classical relationship of turnkey projects.

Test automation

We write down the unit tests or just deploy an automated solution that test both the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and the code itself.

This way the developers keep focusing on developing new product features, instead of dedicating time to test the software.

Continuous Delivery

We implement Continuous Integration (CI) and Continous Delivery (CD) in the preferred way of our customers, either using our own infrastructure, based on opensource solutions such as Jenkins and Gitlab, or managing third party CI environments, such as Github actions.

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