Our objective is make sure that our clients business runs without interruptions, and in the event that an incident happens, restore the level of service as soon as possible.

To do so we monitor the technological infrastructure, but paying special attention to service levels, because service degradation (for instance an e-commerce loading slower than usual) should be considered also an incident.

We apply good practices such as ITILv4 and record incidents and problems, and share all the information on real time with our customers.

Backup and restore

Information is a key piece in any organization, and there are technical aspects that are not so evident. Performing backups both onsite and in the cloud is a must, but restoring the information is sometimes tricky, and should be done very carefully to grant service continuity.

We analyze information services of our customers and propose a backup and restore strategy, which always include procedures to self manage its data, such as dashboard for managing S3 buckets etc.

Monitoring services

We monitor our client infrastructure using tools that collect key metrics and send them to a centralize service, accessible by the client, which displays data through nice graphs, sends alerts in case that some thresholds have been exceeded, etc.

We implement autodiscovery processes, so we automate the process of adding and removing pieces from the monitoring scope.

But the most interesting part is monitoring services, instead of just servers. Sometimes is hard how to measure service level, but once key metrics are identified, a lot of valuable information is provided.

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