Why Kedu ?

Because each Kedu’s worker is a partner our commitment in each project is unbeatable.

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We use open source technologies and are a service oriented company. We will be pleased to help you until you decide.

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Social responsibility
We apply our skills and knowledge in projects for the Social Economy, and publish as open source as much code as our customers allow us.

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Mission and vision

Provide open technological solutions through a people-centered enterprise model

Improve the world through technology



What we do and how we do it responds to the needs of people.



We provide the necessary resources to our stakeholders to achieve their goals.



We are an organization where decisions are made by the people affected.



We are an organization that, internally and externally, wants to achieve full effective equality between men and women.


Environmental sustainability

Our action must be sustainable for the environment. We must have the minimum possible ecological footprint to meet the needs of people through technology, and we should collaborate as much as possible in order to support projects that go along this line.



Our members contribute to the organization, through their work, in the same proportion as what they get in return, through salary or any other return.



Kedu is inclusive, it’s diverse, and diversity means any physical element, gender, race, opinion, religion, function within the company, etc.



The well-being (physical, mental, etc.) of our partners is fundamental. We dedicate the necessary resources to make it easier for the people of Kedu to exercise their functions through well-being. Special attention is given to conflicts. The resources necessary for correct treatment are established. The organization correctly values ​​the productive and reproductive work, and places them at the same level.



Knowledge is a central element in our activity. Both its production and its sharing are fundamental for the internal and external actions of the organization.



Kedu’s interest groups have the right to have information on those aspects of the organization that affect them.



In a double sense, on the one hand, in the relationship with the territory, with the near, with the community, to be part and help them to solve their needs. It is especially necessary to work from the local perspective in a world where technology is causing serious problems in a global world. On the other hand, in the sense of federation to other bodies of territorial and functional areas nearby.


Social Economy

There are several different definition of the term “Social Economy“, even different terms to define a similar concept.

We are Social Economy since our goal is to satisfy people needs through economic activity.

Below some more authorized voices of organizations, some of them to whom Kedu already belongs, worth checking.



One of the key pillar of our enterprise model is to situate the person in the center, instead of the capital.

As a natural consequence we choose the cooperative as our legal form, and we went a step forward, and decide that each worker will become a partner of Kedu.

Now we have a team that really enjoy what they do, and that are fully committed to its own company, thus delivering an excellent level of service to our client’s business. And the reason is simple: our own salaries are advance of Kedu’s incomes, and the source of Kedu’s income are our clients.

If we resolve our client needs everybody will win: our client, Kedu and the worker.

Is a win-win relationship. We don’t outsource, and if we need to do so, we will let you know, in line with one of our values, transparency.

We don’t start a project with a senior profile, and later on, replace it by a junior profile, because we don’t need to generate revenues at any cost for our investors, because we don’t have them, we are a fully worker’s owned company.


We propose, our customers choose.

We have a solid background in open source technologies, and all of our proposed solutions will not be proprietary.


This reduces the entry and exit barriers, since there are no additional license cost, and the opensource technologies usually are better documented that their proprietary counterpart, so the service devolution will be much easier.


We prefer business models such as SaaS, always compliant with best practices, such as always guaranteeing to our customers that they will be able to bring with them their data in case that they decide.


Social responsibility

We transfer as much resources as possible to the Social Economy, and in the other hand we contribute to the Opensource Community as much as we can.


We interpellate our customers, in public and private sector, if they want to collaborate with us in making it happen.


We ask our customers if they agree to publish as Open Source as much code as we deliver to them.


Of course we proceed in the same way with the tools that we develop internally to satisfy our own needs.


When a customer deposit its trust in Kedu are help consolidating a project which is a provider of organizations that needs technology to implement projects of social positive impact.

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