/ Blockchain app for Request For Quotation

Client: FlexVPC

Year: 2019





A real estate company needs a platform to publish RFQ (Request For Quotations) offers and invite possible suppliers to participate.
Each one of the suppliers submits a technical and a commercial offer.
Finally the real estate company adjudicates the contract.


There are two requirements coming from the client:
  • Use Corda as the blockchain technology
  • Several parties should share the same Corda node
A technology designed mainly for private bank transactions was used to solve a completely different industry need.


We develop a smart contract using kotlin. The Corda infrastructure is reduced to its minimum expression:
  • A notary
  • First node (sender party)
  • Second node (shared by all parties, one for each supplier)
A web interface is designed and bring up to allow sender party login.
First step is creating providers (suppliers), introducing for each one of them their e-mail address, where they will receive all notifications.
Time now to create the offer and invite as much providers as needed.
Each provider receives an e-mail with a unique URL that leads them to the web interface of the shared node.
There they can either accept or reject the offer, and in case they accept it, they should submit as an attached document the commercial and technical offer.
Finally the sender party can see in the dashboard the different offers, and choose one of them.
All the transactions are being logged in the blockchain ledger.
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