About Us

Kedu is a young consultancy, focused on giving reality to the technological needs of companies and social entities, through technologies and open source resources.

From our individual and collective experience, in Kedu treballem to fulfill the needs of our clients with the best efficiency and efficiency, from our own organizational and technological resources.

From our beginnings, we are situated at the new municipal center for Socio-economic Innovation (Can Jaumandreu, Carrer Perú 52) in Barcelona.

Form part of the project of acceleration of the Innobadora, a specific program of the Social Economy of Barcelona Activa.

As members of the Social Economy, we are adhering to the Federació de Cooperatives de Catalunya.


Provide open technology solutions through a people-centered business model.


Improving the world through technology.



We provide the necessary resources to our stakeholders to achieve their goals.


We are an organization where decisions are made by the people affected.


Our members contribute to the organization, through their work, in the same proportion as they get in return, through pay or any other return.

Why Kedu?


The procedures and technologies Kedu uses are open, have no licensing costs, and there is a community behind it that keeps the products used.


All people involved in the project will always be members of Kedu, so their involvement will be maximum.

Social responsability

Kedu is Social Economy, and if the client allows it, it will publish all the knowledge generated during the execution of the project as a return to the community.

Experience and efficiency

The experience of our team with their professional trajectories and at Kedu, together with our work methodologies, help the client to achieve their goals with the greatest efficiency.

We want to growth together